Meditation: The Ultimate Road From Restlessness to Peace!

Meditation: The Ultimate Road From Restlessness to Peace!

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Meditation is difficult to describe in words. It is a subjective experience. It’s not escape from the world and everyday problems, as many people think. People who regularly meditate live in harmony with other people. With whole existence, they spontaneously develop the connection with the whole creation. Their love and compassion grows. Relationships with other people are improving.

The word “meditation” comes from the Latin word “meditare”, which means “to stay in”, “to dent in oneself”.

When we meditate, we meet ourselves. Our consciousness expands , the body, spirit and emotions harmonize. We travel to inner peace. Inner peace is most needed to man in this stressful modern age. Stress is the cause of most diseases of the modern man. We are relaxing through meditation and we are resting our body and mind. We come to a state of calmness, like a deep sleep.

During meditation, secretion of the hormone of happiness – Serotonin and Melatonin increases. Regular meditation reduces the level of Cortisol – the main stress hormone. It comes to complete synchronization of brain waves.

Scientific researches has shown that meditation reduces anxiety and depression, reduces tension, anger, aggression, and negative thoughts. Relieves you from pain, phobias. Helps in reducing blood pressure, headaches, and increases immunity. Meditation cures insomnia, improves concentration and memory, refreshes the mind and gives it clarity. Increases creativity and self-confidence. It gives the body energy.

These are just some of the benefits of meditation.

Meditation is a natural method that contributes to the general health of the body.

This ancient technique is also the food for our soul. It brings us the awareness of the present moment. It returns us to our natural state of peace and introduces us to our true self. It’s thousands of years old exercise of self-observation (introspection) and self-confidence. The way to find ourselves, by resetting our thoughts, rejecting our fears, plans, commitments, ambitions …

All we need to do is to close our eyes in a quiet and peaceful environment, to consciously breathe, deeply and slowly, relaxing our body. If we struggle with our thoughts, we gently pay attention to the breath. We can meditate only when we relax and calm our mind. Do not think about meditating properly. Don’t think about anything. Do not expect any answers. Just relax. Feel the deep peace and enjoy it …

This is the first step towards meditation. Make sure to make time on each day and relax in this way.

Choose one of the many ways of meditation. Find a teacher who will accompany you on this journey.

I wish you a bright path to perfect health and freedom.


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