Men Have PMS Just Like Women- It’s Called Irritable Male Syndrom (IMS)

Men Have PMS Just Like Women- It’s Called Irritable Male Syndrom (IMS)

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Good and bad days, lousy mood or unbelievable happiness; Like women, men also experience hormonal changes when testosterone levels vary. Testosterone is a mood trigger, it plays an essential role in a man’s physical and mental health. The human body works to regulate it and keep the balance all the time. Scientists have proved, boys can have PMS just like girls. They also have a lot of similar symptoms and behavior.

Doctor and researcher at the Medical Research Center in Edinburgh, sir Geral Lincoln, found that men had their own version of PMS and called it IMS which means Irritable Male Syndrome and the cause is reduced levels of testosterone. Lincoln watched eight rams assuming that the animals would be more aggressive during the mating season when testosterone levels were high but revealed the opposite. When the amount of testosterone fell, rams turned from self-confident and capable males into nervous, retreated animals that were easy to exaggerate.

Causes of IMS

Lincoln claims that testosterone has a substantial impact on human behavior, and the environment has a profound effect on testosterone level. He believes that stressful occasions, such as the death of a close person, divorce or severe illness, can cause sudden fluctuations in the level of testosterone in the body. Factors that can influence reduced testosterone levels include age, changes in diet or weight, eating disorder, lack of sleep, stress or illness.

Symptoms of IMS

Lack of testosterone causes mood swing, fatigue, depression, irritability, and decreased libido, but also has physical consequences, such as pain, especially in the hands and feet, sweating and redness. Men who are prone to sudden rampages are likely to suffer from IMS. By years, men experience a sudden drop in testosterone, but large oscillations at the level of male sex hormones are also present in younger men. That can lead to low self-esteem, low libido, and hypersensitivity.

Lifestyle May Affects on IMS

Exercise, life without so much stress, healthy food, avoiding alcohol and smoking and other lifestyle choices can relieve symptoms of IMS.

You may also see you doctor and seek out professional help and find ways to manage any symptoms, because testosterone replacement may be an option for some men with low hormone levels.

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