Reiki- Touch That Heals Body and Soul

Reiki- Touch That Heals Body and Soul

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Reiki is a traditional method of healing by touch, which removes tension, improves mood, enhances immunity, activates all defenses. Because treatment is done by laying the palms on the patient’s body, Reiki is also called touch therapy. This touch, say those who had the opportunity to feel it, heal the soul and the body. This method is useful and for everyone, especially those who are under stress, prone to a decline in energy, weakness, chronic fatigue, depression, grief, those who suffer from insomnia, migraine, decreased immunity, and people with nervousness, psychological suffering, and negative thinking. In general, the Reiki method is useful to everyone because it represents all five levels of health care.


From Ancient Far East to Modern Medicine

This spiritual-energy technique, whose roots in the monasteries of the Far East contain records more than 2,500 years old, is used for the physical and emotional improvement of health and for personal development.  According to the classification of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the US National Institute of Health, this method is a biopoly medicine. The modern application of Reiki begins in the 20s of the last century in Japan when Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, formulated and successfully applied and taught this natural healing system. Successor Nasui, Cujiro Hayashi opens the first Reiki clinic in Tokyo and establishes cooperation with health institutions. After the Second World War, Reiki expanded throughout the world and today, except in Japan and other Far East countries, it is the most widespread in the United States, Canada, almost all European countries, South America and Australia. Throughout the world, there are many Reiki organizations and associations of Reiki therapists and instructors. There are many scientific hypotheses about the mechanism of Reiki’s action, although a single theory has not yet been harmonized. It is known that the field of this kind of massage energy induces bioelectromagnetic currents within cells and tissues, thereby enhancing the ability of the organism for self-loneliness and resistance to stress.

Positive Effects- Reduces Stress, Pain, Improves Sleep

Of the many positive effects, the most famous are reduction of tension, stress, general psychophysical relaxation, increase of self-evaluating abilities of the organism, reduction of pain, providing assistance to the patient during preparation for surgery and shortening and facilitating postoperative recovery, strengthening the immune system, improving physiological processes in the body blood pressure and heart rate), reduction of psychosomatic problems. Studies conducted over the past twenty years confirm the effectiveness of Reiki administration in the case of severe chronic diseases and the state of the organism.

You Don’t Have to Believe, It Works Anyway

As the biggest misconceptions is a placebo effect and that you need to believe that this kind of massage would work. Faith is always a good thing, but this is not necessary in this case. This is also supported by the fact that people who have a built-in pacemaker should not go on reiki treatment because it can disrupt the heart’s work, even if a cardiac failure occurs – this contraindication is known around the world

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