Scientifically proven: intelligent people are really lazy, messy and adore bad vocabulary

Scientifically proven: intelligent people are really lazy, messy and adore bad vocabulary

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If you catch yourself using and preferring lousy vocabulary, leaving a mess all around and always having a lack of sleep, you would probably think that something isn’t good with your lifestyle. Or others would say you just have some bad habits that need to be eradicated. Some of them say that there is something more about it, related to intelligence. You have undoubtedly heard that smart people tend to curse more than the regular ones, always leave a „creative” mess at their place and often go to sleep late and wake up even later. Now, the science has proven it! Here are some characteristics that intelligent people proudly wear, so if you discover yourself in one of those, you could be the one belonging to the group.

Read on and find out whether you pertain to them.

Intelligent people curse a lot more

They use bad language, not because of lack of words or whole phrases, but to depict in best manner conditions, events, feelings and given circumstances. The main reason for it is expressing their thoughts which are the main action of their existence.

As we already said, and some studies confirmed, they curse a lot more having the ability of fluency and a wide range of vocabulary. They are famous for being eloquent and for expressing their thoughts and knowledge in more sophisticating ways.

Intelligent people adapt easier and adore solving problems

They use more self-confidence and thus utilize that power to adjust much more easily compared to others. Regardless of a situation, they are sure in themselves, and most don’t see the circumstances as obstacles.

Also, the principal purpose of their existence is solving problems. They simply enjoy it! For some of them, it is almost addictive, it approves their value.

Smart people tend to be unique and rely upon imagination

Imagination is the key to the intelligent people, for it goes beyond the boundaries of science. Using the magic characteristic, i.e., creativity, they tend always to find unique solutions and express themselves in such ways. Their whole appearing to be unique. And imagination overcomes any bonds given in this life.

Intelligent people don’t recognize failure as such

To them, failure is just another try or the demonstrator of what they have done or learned wrong so they can correct it. They consider it as a lesson and try to determine what its primary purpose is.

Smart people are mostly ethical and kind

One of the noble characteristics of intelligent people is that they are ethical and they care about other people. Their use their brain for critical thinking which some scientists think, education should consist of along with the character.

Smart people produce „creative mess”

Each time somebody notices your messy home, you have a ready explanation that you can be proud of. Just say it is a characteristic of highly intelligent people and the central process of their creative work arises there!

This is actually opposite thinking and vision that clean working place or environment encourages creativity and effective results. It is just that smart people feel secure in those surroundings and fit in, and if they can provide their creativity, let them!

Besides, certain researches say that a messy environment encourages new ideas and working out solutions.


It is already familiar that they are not similar to other people nor their lifestyle resembles it. They’re entirely different, in their thinking, giving solutions, habits, and behavior and having consistency.

It is easiest to accept that they won’t maintain a clean home, they need their mess. The only thing they won’t adapt is being civil and follow the rules as well as accept boundaries.

They consciously choose more freedom and work on having more creative ideas, thus producing their own reality.

Now that you know the highlights of their character, it may be easier for you to accept their freedom and lifestyle.

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