To Be a Sensitive Human Being is a Beautiful Thing

To Be a Sensitive Human Being is a Beautiful Thing

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Throughout history, humanity was often inclined to reject everything that was not understandable or relative to it, like a lot of different emotions in humans. If a man was too sensitive, then he was not considered strong enough. If a woman was much sensitive and overflowing of emotions, she was called hysterical.

“Boys don’t cry.” “You have to be strong.” “Those are the stories for young children, I’m not afraid of anything.” How many times you had to say these words while feeling yourself drowning in the wave of emotions. In the end, they get out to the surface like a tsunami? Happiness, fear, excitement, love?

Some people walk within a more challenging way. They can see the world with different eyes and feel every vibration around; Trying their whole life to fit in, to fulfill expectations, worrying not to fail on someone or something. Being sensitive does not mean being weak. It doesn’t mean being a coward.

Sensitive human beings have a gift – they enjoy in every ton of music, in the ray of the sun; They feel joy and happiness much more profound and precise. Their emotions are intense and overwhelming. A sensitive person is looking for a point in each conversation and honest and deep feelings in every relationship they have. Emotions hurt. Sensitive human beings are here to maintain a balance between happiness and sorrow, love and hate, anger and satisfaction. They often suffer and sink into dark and depressing states, filled with personal feelings and experiencing reality. That’s what they do. A sensitive person represents a light for people around, but it’s impossible not to see a significant burden on his back.

If you can feel emotions coming over you and can’t be controlled, don’t try to hide who you actually are. No one can hide it. Let them out, show your light, your melody, your warmth. Being a sensitive human being is not something that needs to be suppressed, it is a virtue and a beautiful aspect of human nature.

Neurodiversity – Emotional sensitivity is an inherent characteristic

Neuroscience is a science that has a unique point of view on people who behave ‘beyond the boundaries of the normal.’ It is in our social nature to always inclined that people who behave differently in some manner, like emotional sensitivity is classified as a particular category of disorder. “Neurodiversity” is a biological term that implies sensitive persons that are otherwise wired. It is not treated as an inherent defect, which should be eliminated. On the contrary, science is considered an advantage to be studied and exploited. It can even be a massive milestone in the evolution of people.

Newborns can detect differences in sensitivity

In the 1990s, some studies measured reactions and monitored the differences in the neurological development of sensitivity in newborn children. From the very birth, we are different, and these differences are found in our nervous system. That’s a lot of what we are. Our character. Emotional sensitivity.

Scientific methods were used to measure such diversity like the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS). A study by the Harvard group, led by psychologist Jerome Kagan, suggests that a group of newborns in a relationship with other babies had more reactions, for example, when an unknown person enters the room. In this regard, these children experienced various biochemical reactions. In situations where they were exposed to change or stress as a specific stimulus, their organism began to produce norepinephrine and cortisol, feeling a threat, fear or some other emotion.

These children, as adults, will be more prone to stress, fears, and other deeper feelings, but also reactions to colors, sounds, scents.

Could sensitive people be a superhuman?

So what if you cry at the cinema in front of your friends? It’s okay if storm scares you. Accept your uniqueness. In the end, we are all born different. Neurodiversity exists not only concerning sensitive people but also with every human being in the world. What put us in forms are the social norms and rules that someone created. In a larger picture, they are a good thing. They keep the civilization from falling down and collapse. But what if some neurodiversity gets freed of the form? Can we take the universe of feelings and turn it into our infinite power, not weakness? Can science prove that nature has actually made superhumans whose potential is hidden in the depths of the mind and emotions?

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