Take a Break- The Sound of Silence Will Restore Your Body, Mind and Soul

Take a Break- The Sound of Silence Will Restore Your Body, Mind and Soul

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Enjoying in silence is a rare luxury in modern urban life, around us, are sounds of electronic devices, traffic, neighborhood. In our busy lives, days and years pass, and we do not pay attention to how much our brain is contaminated, because of everything that is happening. There is also contamination of the sound that over-stimulates our brain, causing stress, depression, depression, and anxiety.

We are programmed to hear some sounds in everyday life, without even noticing them. The sound of TVs, radios or crowds of people across the streets, our mobile phones, traffic, street noise, noise from the neighborhood of the house … sounds everywhere, all the time.

We do not even understand what this excessive stimulation does to our brain cells. Scientific research shows that it causes more damage than we are aware of.

Silence fixes our brain cells

The fact is that silence has the power to spring and repair our cells in the brain. If we spend two hours a day in silence, our mind will start the repair process. Our memory will begin to improve, we will be resting, and our tolerance to stress will increase. Stronger brain means a stronger body. It all starts in those little gray cells. They react to what we expose. So, if we feed our brains with good food (in a picture), it will become healthy, and the aging process will slow down.

Silence helps us calm down

If we afford one or two hours of silence every day, we will do something very healthy for our mind and our body. In silence, our brain begins to adapt to a more peaceful state of being and then we feel relaxed and peaceful. We regulate breathing by slowing down our brain, rather than focusing on stressful events. We could even feel sleepy. Imagine that you do not have to watch TV or listen to the radio or you do not need to have your cell phone. Far from the technology for a short time, you will be in touch with yourself. Silence gives you that.

Silence improves our senses

When we sit in silence, we are actually becoming aware of our environment, but in a different dimension. We hear sounds that we have not noticed before – the wind of the wind or perhaps the leaves that gently touch each other, the branches of the trees that move, maybe the distant sound of the animal.

Silence makes us more honest

You can not escape from your most profound thoughts when sitting in silence. At one point, you will realize that you are really more and more open with your feelings, thoughts, your desires, your insults, your sorrows. When you spend time alone in silence, you begin to see yourself, not as a reflection in the mirror, but looking at different eyes. The eyes of your mind. As you learn to be honest with yourself, your communication skills will improve, not only with yourself but also with the rest of the world. You will be able to identify your problems better, and you will be able to get closer to them more peacefully and rationally in which you will easily find solutions.

Silence gives us more satisfaction

I hope you are not dependent on television, radio, and smartphones, but it is a modern way of life, so we can not easily avoid it. Have you ever paused and thought about what your life would be if you did not own the TV? Think of all the meaningless broadcasts and news that we watch on TV. In the end, what are we doing? We work, we come home, sleep in front of the TV, we go to bed, we wake up the next morning and – we repeat all. By ejecting these things from your life, you will find better ways to spend time with your family or friends or yourself. Happiness comes when you reject bad habits and replace them with the better. Spending your free time in this way will appeal to you.

Silence enhances our attention

When we sit quietly, we give our brain precisely what it takes: focus. It comes naturally. Focus – does not mean thinking about something concrete, it’s not the type of focus we are trying to achieve during meditation. It’s a different focus, where your mind is actually allowed to wander from thought to thought. But you will notice in practice, intentionally or unintentionally, that your pace will slow down, and that will affect your organization in a much healthier way. This will help you to improve your attention and ability to concentrate. After you develop these skills, your learning ability will begin to grow, and therefore your memory.

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