The Power of Our Mind, Proven by an Experiment!

The Power of Our Mind, Proven by an Experiment!

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There was an experiment conducted by Neville Goddard that actually taught the principles of the mind and specialized in teaching his students about how to concentrate emotion and focus on the feeling of already achieving their dream before it had actually happened. He also conducted an experiment in order to prove how we manifest our physical reality using our mind.

The experiment included a visualization process, which Neville said that if it fails, “proved he was fraud” and only those that have completed the experiment in a successful way were allowed in the next lesson of Neville.

That method was simply an exercise of visualizing climbing a ladder for about 3 days every night until the person falls asleep. The students of Neville claimed that after a week or so of doing that exercise, the opportunity for someone to ask them to climb a ladder presented itself. Some random circumstances, like asking them to reach something off the top of a shelf or something which was similar which also involved a ladder – after they had imagined it.

The experiment has proven how powerful is the subconscious mind and the wonderful capability that we have to direct and influence our minds in a positive way in order to attract and be able to move towards the things we want, just by focusing. This, in turn, means that you can, in fact, manifest any desired outcome which you would want to, just by using your imagination firstly. Mr. E.O. Locker, who is actually one of Neville’s students, said the following:

“I’m not worried because I have nothing to worry about, as I know that if I get into trouble, I can actually imagine my way out because the thing which runs your life is what you are thinking about before you go to bed. That is what actually runs your life completely, and if you take this advice, then you will never go to sleep depressed and you will never go to sleep unhappy. If you are ever unhappy, you should think whatever will make you feel happy, as well as grateful.”

  • The experiment of Neville goes as follows:

First process:

  • You should choose a different side of your bed. If you usually sleep on your right then sleep on the left.
  • When you go to sleep, you should picture yourself climbing up a ladder in front of you. Then, imagine the ladder: take your left hand reach up and imagine your right hand grabbing the other side of the ladder. In your imagination, you should see and feel yourself lifting your left foot followed by your right one. You should imagine pulling yourself up and feel the sides of the ladder in your hands, your feet moving up each ladder one at a time, as well as moving higher and higher. When you reach the top, you should climb down then climb up again.
  • For about 3 nights, you should use all your senses in order to imagine yourself climbing up and down this ladder until you fall asleep.

Second process:

You should write out several notes saying the following: “I will not climb a ladder” and then place them in a few different places that you will see them throughout the day, as a wallet, phone or screen saver, as well as bathroom mirror, and each time you see them yourself, you will really not climb a ladder and convince yourself that it is true. After about 3 days of using this visualization, you should let it go.

Third process:

The third process is letting it go. You should forget and not think about climbing a ladder, and do not go out of your way to find a ladder or look for it. You should let it happen naturally. If after a week it doesn’t happen, you should repeat this process once again.

The reason why Neville conducted this experiment by using a ladder in order to visualize was that the ladder it’s so common that people do not tend to ask how it will actually happen or doubt the details. Once that this exercise is completed, then you can use the same process in order to climb the ladder of health, as well as wealth, success, love or anything that you want.

Resistance is one of the biggest factors which can block things from manifesting in our lives. Visualizing the thing that we want talking about it being none existent or having a lack of it which actually causes that exact thing to manifest in our reality.

So, what do you think about the experiment? Will you try it sometimes? Do you believe that we can manifest our physical reality by using our mind?



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