Vocal Cord Nodules- Causes and Natural Remedies

Vocal Cord Nodules- Causes and Natural Remedies

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Speaking is an instrument of communication, and, often, a human’s mighty weapon. Vocal cords are organs exposed to the influence of various factors – viruses, bacteria, fungi. Attacks to our vocal cords can often lead to acute and chronic diseases, the result of which is a frequent, temporary or permanent loss of voice. Known as a singer’s disease, nodules on vocal cords can be a very unpleasant experience and, in fact, it’s straightforward to cure without going under the knife.

Causes- Too Much Singing, Talking, Tobacco

Nodules in the throat are benign growths that can occur on the cords in different shapes and sizes. They are most often formed as a result of long-term “torture” of voice by singing or talking, which is why it is considered the most frequent disease of singer and professor. They can also be caused by the instant strain of vocals, such as cheering or singing for joy or some kind of trauma, such as a ball kick in a sport. Also, it has been reported to occur in people who have been suffering from reflux for stomach, heartburn, allergy for many years, if they are exposed to chemical vapors at work or tobacco smoke. It can also occur in people suffering from hypothyroidism. For some reason, most often affects women aged between 20 and 50, although this phenomenon has not been fully explained.

Symptoms-Hoarseness, Throat and Ear Pain, Drowsiness

Symptoms are simply unpleasant. In addition to the long-lasting hoarseness, for over two weeks, people with these symptoms have a sense of “frog” in the throat, and they may also have a feeling of neck inconvenience, short-term pain between the ears and sometimes tiredness and drowsiness. Although polyps are manifested as visible gaps in vocal cords, doctors rarely decide for surgical removal. It is important to note that nodules are not an introduction to cancer or cause of it, but can be mixed with some kind of pre-cancerous condition, so doctors are particularly alert.

Several Types of Treatment

There are various medical procedures, but also natural remedies to help cure nodules.

By the surgery, the polyps are removed from the cords, but it is only done when necessary – for example, when the nodules become too large, or have long existed and not decreased.

Voice therapy is a significant part of the treatment, it alleviates the passion of specific vocal exercises, but also to some behavioral changes. Voice therapy consists of various tasks, designed to eliminate harmful habits related to voice, to adopt healthier habits and to wound in the throat and vocal cords.

Natural Remedies For Vocal Cords

Apple vinegar is known for having a wide range of medicinal properties and is used in folk medicine since ancient because it helps with many health problems. Apple’s vinegar perfectly detoxifies the body. It breaks down much mucus from which polyps are made. Apple’s vinegar prevents the emergence of new sinus infections and the appearance of polyps. If you want to get rid of polyps with apple vinegar, follow these instructions:

Garlic is an effective anti-thrombosis remedy. Garlic contains allicin, which has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Onion is another natural remedy for vocal cords problems. It works more or less the same principle as the garlic because it has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

Castor oil works by strengthening the immune system and thus preventing the appearance of polyps on the throat and the symptoms they are causing. Castor oil prevents further infections. Castor oil successfully reduces the polyps to a great extent and helps it to disappear altogether faster.

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