Why it’s good to let children believe in Santa Claus?

Why it’s good to let children believe in Santa Claus?

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Lies or fantasy. The promise that Santa will bring presents if they brush their teeth and have good grades at school seeming as manipulation and you do not feel comfortable while lying your children. Many young parents don’t want their kids to be deceived by fairy tales and myths, and teach them, from an early age to accept the world as it is, without magic. And that’s okay.

Santa Claus is a very long tradition that actually comes from religion. Initially, he is Saint Nicholas, known for his goodwill and giving to the poor. Western culture has succeeded in creating an industry brand from him, a phenomenon that triggered a considerable society of consumers. And then the question arises – is it hypocritical to teach children that actually HE is the one who brings presents to ALL the children of the world and if we know the fact that our children are more than lucky to be born in a culture where parents can afford expensive and unnecessary gifts.

However, can you remember any happier childhood story than the memory of the morning with the presents under the Christmas tree? You believed in Santa, wrote him letters. Because of him, you have behaved well all year long and most importantly – Santa always made us happy.

If you let your children believe in a silly old man in red, driving around on the sky with sleds, talking with reindeer and knows each and every secret – maybe you are not an accomplice in deception, but part of a wonderful childish imagination that will help them develop the spirit and become better people.

Besides, many psychologists think it’s good to let them believe. A child develops deep and sincere emotions during the Christmas holidays that rise in many positive aspects in their growing up.

Patience. You have to admit, sometimes we don’t even know how we spoiled them. How many times happened, when they want something, they have to get it right here and right now. If not, they scream, they cry and embarrass you in the middle of a shopping mall. Such things don’t work with Santa. Kids know – he comes once a year for Christmas. They could have desires for bicycle or a pappy in June, but they know they have to wait until December and that is the end of the story.

Giving and charity. The Christmas spirit and Santa teaches us that giving to others is very important and the Christmas time is the time of the year when everyone should have in mind those who need help and attention. There is a growing awareness of the child as well as his gentle human side.

Better family bonds. The holiday season is the time for family. Together we have dinners, decorate a tree, make gingerbread for Santa. Developing family ties is what Christmas is about.

Creativity and imagination are developing when riting a letter to Santa. Children are trying so hard to send the most beautiful drawing, wish, message, to write their first story. Remember how you imagined the North Pole? Santa Claus’s helpers? And, making Christmas cards for grandma, aunt and a dear lady from the neighborhood? If you let them believe a little bit longer in Santa, you will give them a chance to advance creativity and artistic side of personality.

Gratitude. Parental love is a miracle that enables us to provide them beyond of the possible. We shower them with attention, gifts, love. It is important for them to learn to appreciate. Holidays are the part of the year that really makes the kids happy. Make them happy with gifts and teach them to be grateful, if not to you, then to Santa. Perfect.

When will they realize the truth?

First, the belief in Santa Claus is harmless. There is no need to overthink about ruining their illusions if you tell them the truth. They will figure it out themselves. A friend from school will tell, or they will eventually recognize his uncle’s friend dressed up as Santa at the Mall. They will find new toys in your closet a month before Christmas.  But, while they are young, let them rejoice. The Christmas Spirit is not something to be explained and give it a reasonable form. That’s why it’s a spirit, and Santa lives far away, and it lasts only a few days a year. Enjoy the passion, songs and the smile of your children’s face. They are growing fast. Life will surely ruin many dreams, let Santa remain at least a good memory. In the end, if different gods and religions moved so many things and so many people around this world, why not to believe that Santa can award us for being a good people?

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