6 Important Things about Eyelash Extensions Which You Should Know!

6 Important Things about Eyelash Extensions Which You Should Know!

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Nadine Head-Gordon, Glossier’s Digital Designer, in her Meet the Team Profile, had this nugget of wisdom to share:

“I used to get eyelashes extensions when you essentially get some synthetic eyelashes semi-permanently glued onto your real eyelashes. I wanted to look like Bambi. Once, I was on a date with a guy, and one of them fell onto my cheek, and he told me to make a wish. So, I made a wish on a fake eyelash. That was the time when I decided to get them removed.”

In Glossier’s book, this made her the office expert on the topic. So, they coerced her to write them all a guide to share with the world. Because who does not want to have semi-permanent Bambi lashes, too right?

She says that despite working at a beauty company, she is the laziest person when it comes to getting ready in the morning. In her ideal world, she says, she would wake up looking exactly as she did the previous day. This is why, for most of the 9th grade, she slept in her makeup. But, that does not work, and she does not recommend it.

Then, she says that in 2012 the answer to her prayers came: eyelashes extensions. Similar to the ones that we can get in our head, eyelash extensions are individual lashes, which are made of silk, mink or something synthetic. They are attached to our existing lashes semi-permanently. If you have ever dreamt of waking up with Bambi lashes but without that ring of leftover mascara dangling a foot under your eye, this is your solution for sure, she says. Are you curious what it is? At least a little bit? Good, so get off Google search, because here we will present you everything that you have to know about getting eyelashes extensions, according to Nadine:

1. It is a very luxurious process.

It is really pleasant. You just lie down in bed and close your eyes for about an hour and a half while there is some calming music playing in the background, and a technician attaches little feathery nothings to your lashes. It is the most socially acceptable naptime that a working adult can ask for. And, if you are not already sold, most of the salons offer a complimentary massage while you are on the operating table.

2. Every lash extension experience is customizable.

After you are done, you are not going to end up looking like you just got a permanent strip lash which is attached to your lid. First of all, you can choose the length. Most of the salons will carry extension lengths from 9 to 15 mm. The sweet spot for most is about 10-12.

When you pick your length, pick your curl too. A “J” curl is for a more original, as well as awake look, while a “C” curl is a more dramatic, “I never leave my home without my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler” look. If you want to be more imaginative, you can do “J” on the inner corners of your eyes and “C” on the outer edges for a more cat-eye look.

Now, regarding material, you have a lot of choices: Faux Mink, Faux Fox, Silk, Real Mink, as well as Real Human Hair. The differences between these looks are negligible so opt for the Faux Mink, as it is the most affordable.

3. Eyelash extensions last longer than you think they do.

With carrying properly, you can get your extensions to last up to a month and a half. A lot of places recommended you come back every 2-3 weeks for a touch-up. But, if you want to save some money, you can prolong their lifespan for sure. You just have to be careful not to get water on your lashes and do not use oily products near your eyes too.

4. You can wear makeup with them for sure.

If you cannot stand the thought of ditching your smoky eye, you should not be worried, as you don’t have to. Only liquid-based eye products can be potentially damaging to the extensions, but you can also get away with a tiny wing of liquid liner as long as you are not dragging it along the lash line. You should also make sure to carefully remove the shadow or the liner with oil-free makeup remover and Q-tips for precision. What is most important, you should stay away from mascara entirely as it leaves the extensions crusty and damaged. It is only acceptable if you are at the end of your cycle and it is going to be getting a fresh set in a few days.

5. Extensions can also ruin your eyelashes – but they do not have to do so.

That will happen if you do not play by the rules. There are a lot of people that have made the mistake of pulling out the extensions themselves – not just is it extremely painful, but it will leave you with few to no natural eyelashes left.

6. The only way in which you can get rid of them is to get them professionally removed or have them fall out naturally.

Removing the extensions is as easy as having them put on – painless, as well as relatively quick. Every salon is going to have this service available. If you are not looking to spend any more money, however, the extensions are going to fall out with the natural shedding of your natural lashes. This is a much slower process, but it is 99% free, so there is that.



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