Acne and Makeup, Truths and Misleads

Acne and Makeup, Truths and Misleads

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It is the most common problem with skin that everyone meets at some point in life. The most noticeable is at adolescence when more than 80% of people experience at least one teenage acne or even worse, suffer from a totally inflamed face. It is more pronounced in boys than in girls. Also, acne is not just a problem of teenagers, they also occur in the age of 20. Some people report the first problems after 25th when the skin is already matured. Millions of people around the planet spend a lot of money on cosmetics and medicines to overcome this problem or to camouflage it. Acne and makeup are the controversy debate led by care and beauty experts. In the best cases, it is a temporary condition of the skin will cleanse during the time. In the worst, skin remains problematic, with new ones and scars throughout the whole of life.

How does acne occur?

Acne occurs when the hair follicle and its channel, which is connected to the sebaceous gland get inflammation. Factors for their occurrence are diverse.

– Genetics – there is a strong connection with the skin problems in the family

Hormones – the appearance in women at the same premenstrual stage is noticeable, for example

Stress – will not cause it, but it can exacerbate acne

– Air pollution – aerosols and dirt have a beneficial effect on the development

– Medications – certain medications, such as contraceptive pills may produce inflammation.

– Oily skin – it stimulates sweating resulting in skin inflammation

What skin care and beauty science can confirm is that there are prejudices about what causes these inflammatory conditions of the skin. First of all, oily skin itself, also fried food or hair that falls on the face, cannot directly affect the appearance. One of the biggest myths is that makeup and acne have some common connections.

Acne and Makeup

The myth of the harmful effect makeup has, actually coming from the past when makeup had a much heavier and less quality structure based on oils. Face acne appeared in women who frequently applied the makeup. The truth is, the earlier cosmetic was closing the pores. However, the acne occurred when a person attempts to cover the scars or inflamed spots on the face.

Today, cosmetics are much more quality. Makeup includes an extensive range of products from foundations, various types of powders, fixes, eyeliners, to lipsticks and shiners. Modern cosmetics is water-based and free from oils, the so-called non-comedogenic makeup. It doesn’t clog the pores. It is very important yet to remove it correctly from the face. To do this, use a tonic, wipes or a cream that matches the type of skin. For a person with a more pronounced acne problem, it is necessary to use lighter alternatives. Always remember, it is better to go to sleep with full makeup than to remove it improperly.

The Power of Makeup

Make-up can cover the defects on the face. A specially designed cosmetic exists exclusively for people with acne problem. It covers acne lesions while at the same time, acts therapeutically on their reduction. Besides, it gives an aesthetic effect of a balanced skin tone. When it covers acne and scars, a person feels better and more confident.

Makeup should, therefore, not be excluded from use in people with problematic skin. Moreover, makeup works equally and psychologically, because it returns self-confidence and satisfaction to own appearance. At the same time, if cosmetics are adequately selected, people can only benefit from the use.

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