Amazing Beauty Tips and Tricks From All Over The World

Amazing Beauty Tips and Tricks From All Over The World

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Women around the world use traditional beauty tricks to help them maintain their appearance. Most often applied to olive oil and honey, but sometimes it is also good to borrow methods from women from other countries.

Get glossy skin-Beauty Tips from France:

French women, of course, know the secret of perfectly smooth and shiny skin. Their secret is quite simple – milk. The gentle lactic acid in milk is less severe than other exfoliation agents and chemical peeling. Just pour 2 – 3 cups of whole milk into the bath (if you do not have milk, use plain cream instead), add a bit of honey and enjoy a relaxing moment. After taking such a beautiful, rejuvenating beauty of swimming your skin will be soft, smooth and, naturally, beautiful.

Get healthy hair-Beauty Tips from Morocco:

Argan oil is one of the most preferred and most used oils in Morocco; this oil is often referred to as “Moroccan oil.” There are so many ways to apply this wonderful product. Argan oil can be a perfect face with a moisturizing cream (just massage a few drops it into your face and neck in the morning and/or night), you can use it as a bathing oil and body lotion in the skin very quickly). Argan oil can be used for overnight treatment hair, shine booster and curling crochet (a small amount goes a long way).

Prevent stretch marks-Beauty Tips from China:

Well, here’s the trick: Rub camellia oil in the area of ​​your skin twice a day (morning and evening). This not only will help to get rid of or prevent the appearance of stretch marks, but it will also feed your skin and help fight skin discoloration.

Get rid of cellulite-Beauty Tips Make Brazil:

Every lady wants to breed such a perfect bikini body without cellulite (and not just in the summer, it does not hurt that it is in excellent shape throughout the year), but often ladies jam in that undesirable cellulite trap. How to get rid of cellulite? Well, Brazilian women have a special treatment of beauty: they rub the send in their bodies to stimulate circulation, therefore, the release of cellulite.

Get rid of dandruff- Beauty Advice That Comes from Australia:

Once again, if you struggle with dandruff, here is a small trick that Australian women (and men) use extensively: add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and forget dandruff forever.

Healing honey from New Zealand

Have you ever heard of Manuka Honey? This honey is included in the list of the most potent super-foods. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, can very effectively strengthen the immune system, prevents you from getting colds and various bugs. So, here’s how to prepare a perfect morning energy drink: add a spoon of Manuka honey in morning lemon water and enjoy a delicious energizing drink that will help you to start your day happily.

Large and natural moisturizer-Beauty Tips from Greece:

Greek women know how to make this glorious, beautiful skin – they use the product we all have in our kitchens: olive oil. Not only olive oil can soot burns and relieve skin irritation and redness, but also, olive oil, thanks to its excellent moisturizing properties, can become your incredible, natural faces and moisturizer. Apply everything over the wet body, while in the shower, then dip your skin dry with a towel. Skin will become heavenly soft and smooth. In fact, Italian women use it too much, they crush olive oil in their skin and lips to soften, nourish and hydrate.

Remove dark circles beneath the eyes-Beauty Tips from Spain:

Cut thin slices of potatoes and apply them over the eyes and leave it for10 minutes. This easy to do, yet powerful remedy will help lighten the skin around your eyes, making your pantyhose fade and gradually disappear.

Strong and shiny nails-Beauty Tips from the Dominican Republic:

Wish to have strong, chip-free and healthy nails? If yes, try this beauty trick from the Dominican Republic: chop the little garlic and add it to the bottle clearly nail polish; Let it sink for about 10 days, and then, coat nails with this treatment. The onion has antibacterial properties, it will help to strengthen the texture of the nail and make it forget about nail splitting and exfoliation. You can also apply garlic juice right on your nails, but keep in mind that the garlic smell will be around for several hours.

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