Can Face Massage Moderate the Effects of Aging?

Can Face Massage Moderate the Effects of Aging?

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Face image is a very delicate thing for each of us. No matter how many people say they do not care about the years, aging starts drawing lines on our faces, if we are honest, we care. Every man and woman will look at the mirror in the morning with a desire to see a fresh, clean and beautiful face. The only difference is that some will only wash it with some cold water and continue their day, and others will give thousands of dollars to expensive creams, preparations, and surgical procedures. And did the ancient peoples preserve the secret of a youthful look using a face massage? We are trying to discover, whether the facial massage can reduce the aging process.

Face massage as an anti-age treatment

It has not been proven medically that face massage can lead to tingling and rejuvenation of the skin, especially in the eye area. However, the practice has shown, and many dermatologists confirm, that facial massage is an excellent alternative to expensive and painful anti-aging procedures such as face lifting, botox and the like. Massage as a treatment in rejuvenation has been used for ten years more intensively in spas and wellness centers of the world, especially in the US.

Such beauty and wellness centers use various products and anti-aging creams with the face treatmant. They are rubbed into the skin and can be quite helpful in stretching as well as filling wrinkles and irregularities on the face. Besides, the face massage will fine-tune the skin.

Can face massage we perform at home make us look younger?

Professional studios and wellness centers will present the facial treatmant as a highly expert and delicate procedure that requires tremendous skills. Right, they will use the best products and trained help. However, if you’re practicing face treatmant at home, you will certainly not make a mistake. First, you will get rid of the stress that has built in you, and it appears through your face.

Each treatmant promotes the circulation and growth of new cells.  Gently treatmant your face with your hands, rub your skin with a cream or oil that you use. The circular movements will further enhance lymphatic drainage. It will do it daily and will prevent the emergence of new fine lines, and it will also make a certain tightness of the skin, making it elastic and beautiful.

In a study in which half of the people underwent facial massage treatments, most respondents stated they felt and saw the diversity in lifting, toning impact and softening of the lines.

To be applied as an anti-age treatment, it is necessary to practice it regularly.

By the reputation of the Spa Center, here’s what you can apply at home

Fresh Lift Face Rejuvenation – a type of massage that uses cold marble stones to stimulate facial energy points.

Belavi Facelift Massage is a popular facial massage method that underlines the lymphatic drainage. This message consists of a mild lifting up, gentle tapping, contouring, and peeling of the critical points of the face – acupressure.

Indian Face Massage – uses light pressure, irons out fine wrinkles, relaxes face and tones the muscles.

In the end, facial massage is something that everyone can practice, but it should work correctly. Reconciling it with other hygienic and healthcare habits. Clean skin, properly chosen cosmetics, applying time and the way you work. If you notice skin irritation or redness, we advise you to stop with the practice.

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