Can Plastic Surgery Feed Your Soul?

Can Plastic Surgery Feed Your Soul?

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery as cosmetics today

 A young woman with a perfect face smiles from the billboard; The father of four children on the latest TV commercial has the body of the Prom King; Realty Show made an average housewife into a superstar just a week; Yes, the fact is that such things surround us every day. In the world of photoshop and modern medicine, we slowly lose the sense of reality and norms that should prevail in nature. Of course, we want to be attractive, skinny, more beautiful. That is in our nature. It has always influenced on people’s self-esteem and, let’s be realistic, to their position in society.

Today, medicine has gone too far. Plastic surgery is evolving not just to help people in correcting some of the natural defects or traumas on the body but as the latest fashion. It is available almost like shopping food in the supermarket. Surgical procedures that would give you the desired appearance in a short time are hit all over the world, and almost everyone can get to themselves a small correction under the knife. Some countries have become a real attraction thanks to cosmetic surgery (the correctness and expertise of many are debatable).

Women and men in the sense of losing their self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their appearance, undergo radical measures like this. Has this trend started losing control? Has human society become addicted to plastic surgery? Can this help you feel better for real?

For and Against Plastic Surgery

And if we consider this as a trend, it should be kept in mind that this is still a matter of medicine. Medicine has always been in the service of human health, mental and physical, and so experts in this field should not be considered charlatans.

Many studies are showing that cosmetic correction on the body affects the mental state of a person. Those born with specific esthetic issues and asymmetric parts of the body often suffer from childhood for this reason and build their personality in the wrong direction. Plastic surgery can help these people start a new life and give themselves the opportunity to feel the same way to others. Traumas and accidents that hit people leave physical traces, scars, and whites, whit which is hard to live. That can bring bad memories and hard feelings. Doctors and medicine will gladly help you here.

On the other hand, humankind is accustomed to merely abusing the purpose of a particular existence and turns, unfortunately, against itself. An increasingly renowned plastic surgeon appeals to their patients, even refusing them. People wish to come from an ugly duck, which is sometimes what they think they are, to be a beautiful swan.

With a few thousands of dollars of investment, they could do themselves an anti-service. A person can quickly develop an addiction to surgery and lose objectivity when personal appearance is at stake. The public can give more attention to this kind of strange appearance, what can lead to a state of lousy condition and depression. Profesional clinics do not recommend drastic changes in the body when you are in severe mental health, going through a bad period, and turning to bad habits such as drugs or alcohol.

Another problem is that many want to keep in with the celebrities. These people are not millionaires. They often go on cosmetic procedures in unverified and illegal clinics, to people who do not even have a degree in medicine. In this “gray” alternative medicine world, they expose to high risks only to save money and then face significant consequences. These consequences, unfortunately, can be fatal to life for health.

Plastic Surgery is Only Productive in Balance With Your Mind

 It is clear that you are the only master of your body. Your appearance is your absolute will. Will your breasts be bigger after plastic surgery? Surely they will. Will it bring you all the happiness in the world? No, but if you’re happy in your skin, that’s enough. A man with a dense, scattered hair and a muscular body is undoubtedly attracted to a more vast auditorium.

Will his sexual life reincarnate after going to the plastic surgery? Unlikely. These things can help you and move forward, but what you need genuinely comes from inside, and the outer appearance will only emit the vibrations that occur from the source.

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