Cellulite as a Beauty Standard – How Important It Is To Women and What To Do To Get Rid of It

Cellulite as a Beauty Standard – How Important It Is To Women and What To Do To Get Rid of It

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What is cellulite and why is it only a woman’s problem?

Almost 100% percent of women’s population have the problem of looking themselves in front of the mirror trying to see at their bottom and evaluate whether a little cellulite disappeared after the first class of yoga and salad. It’s true, we can eat healthily and exercise as much as we like, cellulite is a lifelong problem, and every woman has it more or less – from that the one who fights with extra pounds all her life, to the perfect model in the fitness stretch pants. It is important – it does not harm our health as an appearance.

Its poor reputation comes mainly from aesthetics, cosmetics, plastic surgeons, but also a show business, which often creates an unrealistic image of a woman on the front page without any disadvantage. Remember, that this woman on the cover of the magazine has cellulite too.

Cellulite is the form of the septae – pockets of fat that are squeezed between the bands of the tissue under the skin and look like a wrinkled orange peel. Unfortunately for the female, the lady’s vertical septae are weaker than with men, and they allow fats to push forward. Men, with stronger bands, keep fats in one place. The other thing, the women of all races, years, the size have fat between tissues and cellulite. Of course, it’s logical that as more fat, there are more pockets, but it’s important to know that both skinny and fat people can have a high level of fat in tissues.

It will appear if you increase the body weight, yes. Likewise, if you lose it, it will not disappear, and your skin could look even more obvious like a moon’s surface full of holes and irregularities.

Genetics is the second factor that you can thank for this wonderful gift of nature. If your mother always had a problem with cellulite, it’s not surprising that you have it. It occurs in puberty and many experts associate it with the rise of estrogen hormones. This link has not been proven.

Experts in the field of dermatology consider that this problem has to do with blood vessels and poor circulation, as well as reduced collagen volume, which gives skin elasticity.

Is there a right treatment for cellulite?

As the exact cause is not established, it is impossible to get actual treatment, but dermatologists can try. In many cases, therapies and treatments are successful. Many are not. Cellulite is very persistent.

Plastic surgeons will refer you to liposuction. This painful, risky and expensive treatment can make skin look worse. Cosmetic workers offer expensive creams, lasers, and massages. If we accept cellulite is a structural problem of the tissue, it is pragmatic that you can not cure it. However, by nurturing and caring for your body and diet, you can reduce the effect of orange peel.

Here’s what you can do for your skin

Defeating cellulite with massage or lasers proved to be quite effective. A few times a week a message that breaks down the fats underneath a skin will improve the surface.

Weight reduction. If you lose some weight, there is an excellent opportunity to reduce body fats too.

The team of doctors who examined the effects of exercise on changes in the skin believe that resistance exercises are beneficial for the disappearance of cellulite. Work out with weights, and increase weights in time.

Clean and nourish your skin. Use proven cosmetics that contain collagen, vitamin C and retinol. These substances make the skin smooth and elastic.

Avoid surgery and lipo.

In the end, it can be concluded that for beauty, in fact, we need a healthy lifestyle. Remember that cellulite will not harm your health. It does not cost much to your look even. Women, you are as beautiful as you feel beautiful.

But you can consider cellulite as a parameter to measure your good habits. Get more walking, drink plenty of water. Work out and eat healthily. Make your body look good. This can only contribute to a better appearance, and to feel good in own skin.

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