Natural Allies for Thick Eyelashes

Natural Allies for Thick Eyelashes

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Beside lips, eyelashes are a part of the face where women pay the most attention when it comes to make-up. For the first you use mascara, and for the latter – get help from nature. Like hair and eyelashes to have their pace of growth. If your eyelashes are dropped or damaged by masking, scabbing or coloring, you must wait for it to grow again. And while the length, color, and condition of your lashes are genetically conditioned, there is an absolutely natural way to accelerate their growth.

Vitamin H

This vitamin B group helps in the growth and strengthening of hair and eyelashes. It is found in many cosmetic products and foods, such as sardines, baked nuts, almonds, beer yeast, bananas, and whole grains. Also, yolk abounds with it, but raw eggs also contain avidin, a glycoprotein that prevents the absorption of vitamin H.


Vitamins C and E, two antioxidants, play a significant role in the average growth and development of hair on the body. Without vitamin C,  hair can become dehydrated, dry and shoot. Also, vitamin C can stop damage to the hair caused by free radicals, so that it stays healthier, at the same time healing. Vitamin E, on the other hand, enhances the circulation of the scalp. These vitamins can be found in citrus fruits, avocado and green vegetables of fleshy leaves.

Olive and castor oil

With a small amount of one of these oils, lubricate the eyelash with a lid every night before bedtime, to provide longer and thicker eyelashes. You should see the results after a month or two. Newly grown hair should be healthier and stronger than the previous ones. If nothing else, olive oil is regenerating so it will restore the health of your eyelashes.


This alternative treatment works in a similar way to olive and castor oil. Smear little petroleum jelly on your eyelashes, and although you can leave it all night, you can rinse it after 15 minutes. You should notice the growth of new lashes after a few weeks.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a proven way of extending eyelashes. Besides, you certainly did not know that diet affects the appearance of your eyelashes. If you often have fast food on the menu, they will notice that your lashes are not as full and long as they used to be. Increase the number of fruits and vegetables and note the difference.


Sometimes a healthy diet is not enough to stimulate the natural growth of eyelashes. If you do not get enough protein, a higher amount of fruits and vegetables will not have a significant effect. Therefore, eat more proteins that match your body.

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