Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle – How a Perfect Day of an Adult Person Should Look Like?

Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle – How a Perfect Day of an Adult Person Should Look Like?

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There are two types of people on the planet. One is those who will regularly follow every advice from experts, life coaches and nutritionists on the rules on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will read each article, measure each calorie on the portion, set the alarm at the correct time.

The second type is YOLO people; You live only once, or something like that. So, they spend every day without visible rules. They will have a meal whenever they feel hungry, they can be awake all night. For those people, life on the edge is an amusement.

Science itself cannot yet establish some strict rules about how to properly behave to stay happy and healthy. Both, the first and the second group of people cannot protect themselves. Some consequences life simply carries, no matter how hard they try. When people break up their health and balance, they are seeking for some good advice and rules that will get them back to the track.

It is not astral physics, but experts have managed to figure out a few habits that should be an essential part of the everyday life of every adult. 

Morning rituals

Showering. The first among the rules may shock you like it shocked us – skip the shower. Scientists advise showering 3 times a week. Water removes sweat and dirt from the body, but also good bacteria and natural oils of the skin. Unless the type of skin is too dry or greasy, it’s time to skip morning showering. However, at incoming summer temperatures, our personal advice is to alter a little bit these rules.

Morning coffee. And if many feel the smell of this magnificent drink is the only reason for getting out of bed, scientists believe that in the first hour after waking up, we shouldn’t drink coffee. The idea is that during this period our organism produces natural caffeine. So, the second in a row of rules – skip morning coffee, or at least postpone it.

Morning exercise. There is a lot of rules when it comes to training, but it’s best to listen to your body and control it. Morning is the perfect timing for exercise. At that time, we are burning the reserves of fat deposits, not the nutrients that have just entered. If you want to lose weight – get straight out of bed into the sneakers. Secondly, experts recommend that you wake your heart well in the morning, that is, to practice your cardio type of training that will boost the work of this muscle.

Breakfast. What you will bring into the body in the morning is a fuel that helps you work all day. Therefore, it is an essential rule that this meal is right, more than tasty. Avoid carbohydrates and make sure you enter enough protein, fiber, and good fat.

Avoid supplements and obtain the necessary vitamin and minerals by food. A lot of vegetables, different fruit, salads, eggs, chicken, or cereals are the best choice.

How to survive the day?

8 hours at work. Most people are complaining that they are spending eight hours sitting at work. This is not a negligible problem, because it is a very long period and it is repeated every day. It is necessary to hold the spine correctly, have a comfortable chair and adequate equipment for work. Also, to stand up occasionally and stretching can significantly improve the position of the spine and blood circulation.

Remember that all these rules are no more important than the rest for your eyes. For some time, step away from the screen.

Hydration and energy. The following rules apply to the intake of sufficient quantity of fluids and proper nutrition. It is necessary to enter an adequate amount of water – up to 8 glasses. Also, lunch supposes to give us energy and not let us asleep and slow down. The rules are clear – no fast food. It will fill your stomach, increase insulin levels and cause drowsiness. Again, lunch like breakfast should contain protein, good fats, and fiber.

Small habits that make our day

These rules apply to our habits, we are often not aware of. For example, how much coffee we drink. It’s true that this beverage is magical but needs to be careful with the quantities.

Also, a snack is an excellent base for proper nutrition. Instead of having two or three huge meals – prepare some healthy snacks that will be at hand for you all day.

Get out of the car. We walk to little. Among the first rules of a healthy lifestyle is physical activity. Take a walk home, walk the dog after work, or go out with your family to the park. It’s not hard, on the contrary, it will please you.

In the end, the rules of each expert will stop you from consuming alcohol. A drink can dampen the effect of stress during the day, but it can be very harmful to you. Therefore, in addition to one glass of wine or beer for dinner, leave larger quantities aside.

Time for sleep

Dinner. First, do not eat heavy food for dinner. It is equally important not to exaggerate with portions. According to the rules of the nutritionist, dinner should be a quarter of your breakfast. This way you will go to bed light, and your sleepy organism will be able to burn foods that you took a couple of hours before.

Freshness. Always sleep in a well-kept room and clean sheets. Rooms with stagnant air not only have adverse effects on physical health but also on your mental well-being. The rules say that fresh, even the cold room and clean air are a recipe for a good dream.

Perhaps this will act like too many rules, but try to look at them more like tips. Believe it, good habits can bring peace to your life, and the results of their application can really surprise you.

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