Spring Hair Cleansing – Let the Sun In

Spring Hair Cleansing – Let the Sun In

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Long and cold winter left visible traces on your look. Finally, spring is coming, and it’s time to get back in shape and light in full shine. Does your hairstyle also look lifeless and dull?  This is happening because winter had a significant impact on it, too. Dry air in closed places leads to the cracking of the hair’s ends and dandruff. Besides, winter suggests wearing hats more often, windy and cold weather that suck up all the energy from your curls and golden strands. In the end, your hair ends up looking like a bad cheap wig. Luckily, it’s time for a spring hair cleansing and a wave of refreshments that follows it.

During the first sunny days, you will not just open the windows and refresh your wardrobe. It is the right time for the spring treatment of hair cleansing. Here are some essential steps you cannot skip if you want to shine this spring, and at the same time, to prepare for the hot summer days.

Deep hair cleansing

During the winter we use a lot of strong cosmetics that contain chemicals so that our hair can resist moisture, cold weather or wind. Therefore, hair sprays, thickeners, and silicone oils contain substances that stick to the hairs and remain on them as deposits. They make the hair dull and dead. You must get rid of these deposits by using a deep hair cleansing shampoo.

Cut it, drastically

Hairdressers will advise you to cut the dead ends every five to six weeks. However, a spring makeover requires a more dramatic haircut. This way, you will remove all the weight, cracks, unhealthy look and pollution provoked by the winter. Cutting off dead ends may be the best visible effect of spring hair cleansing due to your hair will be flattering and shiny again.

Stimulating scalp massage

The scalp needs a massage, and it is recommended throughout the year, from time to time. It is best to do it before washing your e hair when you can apply some essential oil or mixture. However, the spring comes after low temperatures that traumatically affect the skin of your head, and make flecks to show up. To get free of them, you need to include the scalp massage into the spring hair cleansing treatment. After it, wash your hair with a shampoo.

Detoxification after heat treatments

If during low winter temperatures, you have to use a hair dryer, a flat presser or other appliances that involve high temperatures, it’s time to get rest. For the next period give your hair a more natural look. Avoid drying or straightening. Give it time to recover from heat treatment. It will get refreshed quickly and begin to shine again.

Enjoy in nice weather. And remember, relax your hair as well as you will be relaxed. Let your natural look play for you. You will see that it is the best spring hair clearing you can afford. Enjoy the sun and get ready for the hot summer.

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