What Your Home Tells You About You

What Your Home Tells You About You

- in Style and Beauty

When you move into the new home, besides the feeling of safety and comfort, you want to insert a part of yourself into it, give it a character and a soul. Some of us do it easily, with a sharp eye of the aesthete, in a second, selecting the perfect corner for the armchair, frames and vases, curtain patterns. Others nevertheless struggle with styling and finding “themselves” in their new home, and give vast amounts of money to professionals to arrange their home with style. Okay, your cousins ​​from a suburban or colleague may be impressed with expensive furniture and modern technique, but what you should know, a person you just met and start dating will look a little deeper into your apartment. This person will actually look for you, wanting to get to know who you really are. And your home can tell a lot.

No memories or family photos

The house without similar details leads to the thought that you are a cold person who does not care too much. Shared memories, photographs of the best friend’s wedding, graduation, travel, carry many emotions and reflecting them into space of your home. They speak of you as a person who belongs somewhere, shares love and respect people and moments.

There are no bookshelves

Regardless of what may sound too banal, but at first look, a bookless home indicates an empty mind. You will agree that reading is the best instrument for the development of imagination and thinking. For a person who wants to share thoughts and attitudes with you, the bookshelf instead of the TV means much more than you think.

Jammed and messy kitchen

The kitchen that is used shows that a human being actually lives in the house. The kitchen is not intended to be an exhibition space, where everything will be sterile and unused. On the contrary, a little chaos, lots of details, cookbooks, spices, sauces, will create an impression of you as someone who is excellent at cooking – and this is a great seduction trick. Besides, you are becoming a spontaneous and comfortable person. If you add a well-supplied refrigerator to all, you have a winning combination.

Pets and home plants

The pet in the apartment is especially an irresistible detail when it comes to single males. Keeping an animal and taking care of another creature or plant shows your responsibility and the ability to devote some time to it. OK, the pet can be a deadly spider, again, and a little bit of weird still characterizes you, as you are.

X-Box, old-fashioned games or darts

Any social game that requires the physical presence of two or more people, in the present time, really represents something. This detail proves that you are not a distant but sociable person and you are able to organize your leisure time well. If you match your favorite games with your partner, happiness never ends.

Sometimes getting details for your home needs time, to understand purpose and place. Some things are just there. As every home has its own specific smell. Try to arrange your space so that you feel in it as in your fortress, happy, safe and comfortable. Indeed, artworks and expensive furniture will enrich every place, but will they give it a soul?

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